Maybe it's the coming of a new year or maybe because it's officially fall, but things tonight feel funny and it's too late too call. All the people I have hurt, and those who have hurt me. But I really want to say, Some words that I pray, I AM SORRY for those I have hurt AND I FORGIVE those who have hurt me. To all those in my past, Thank you for your lessons. And to those in my future, I hope I have learned. That time is linear And you only live once. So cherish the ones you love Be it friend or foe, because we all make mistakes And this time I know, when someone gets angry and everything goes up in flames Remember the words that come from the earth L

Learning to Breathe

Today I breathed deeply, And each rib parted ways And made room for a glorious feeling to seep through. Just like a bird, Learning to fly, I breathed deeply for the first time and my wings expanded long, And my ribs, again spaned out and I took Flight! I was a glorious flight that guided me around the whole room. And then I landed softly back down on the compassionate earth. Luckly I knew that I could fly again with just ONE DEEP BREATH

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